Top 10 Best Launchers for Android 2013

Top 10 Launchers for Android

Android is one of the best platforms for mobile. Each android company have their own Android launcher. For example, Sony has Timescape launcher and Samsung has TouchWiz launcher. But many users don’t like these launchers and prefer other android launchers and they want Home screen replacement. So I have given the top launchers for Android. Scroll down to know more..

1) Go Launcher EX :

Go LauncherEX MobiHubby

This is the most popular launcher found in Google Play, the basic reason for this launcher’s popularity is the number of customization options available in it. It has over 100 themes available for free download. There are also some paid themes.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.2.0 or above
Google Play Link: GO Launcher EX

2) Holo Launcher :

Holo Launcher MobiHubby

If you have struck with the older version of Android like GingerBread or Ice cream Sandwitch, then Holo Launcher gives the experience of Jelly Bean. This launcher provides the experience of native Android.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Holo Launcher

3) ADW Launcher :

ADW Launcher MobiHubby

It is very similar to the Holo launcher but in addition also provides options for advanced customization. Configure your applications in unlimited groups and hide unwanted apps. Easy folder tweaking and management, content previews, arrangement, colors, etc.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.1.6 or above
Google Play Link: ADW.Launcher

4) Nova Launcher :

Nova Launcher MobiHubby

Wanna try 3D with native Android Experience? Then Nova Launcher is what you need. This launcher is available only for high end Smartphones. Paid version of Nova launcher is also available.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.4.0 or above
Google Play Link: Nova Launcher

5) Apex Launcher :

Apex Launcher

This is the alternative of Nova Launcher. It supports only Android version 4.0.3 smartphones.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.4.0.3 or above
Google Play Link: Apex Launcher

6) SPB Shell 3D :

SPB Shell 3D

This is one of the costliest theme available in Google Play. It provides the best 3D effect to your Smartphone. But unfortunately it consumes more RAM usage.

Price: Rs.792
Requires: Android v.2.1 or above
Google Play Link: SPB Shell 3D

7) Next Launcher 3D :

Next Launcher

Only a trial version is available for free download. It provides the best User Interface among 3D launchers.

Price: Rs.867
Requires: Android v.2.2 or above
Google Play Link: Next Launcher 3D

8) Launcher 7 :

Launcher 7 Screenshot

This launcher provides the Windows mobile experience in Android.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Launcher 7

9) Smart Launcher :

Smart Launcher

This is very different Launcher found in Google Play. The User Interface is very different from other launchers. It also consumes less RAM and less memory.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.2.1 or above
Google Play Link: Smart Launcher

10) Tile Launcher Beta :

Tile Launcher Beta

This is the combination of 3D with Windows theme. It provides a fully customizable theme.

Price: Free
Requires: Android v.4.0 or above
Google Play Link: Tile Launcher Beta

So these are the List of best launchers for Android , What do you think? Did we miss out on any? Feel free to share ur suggestions in the comment below..

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  1. amarnath

    Jun 24. 2013

    i want Micromax A27 bolt launcher names

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  2. sushant

    Jul 22. 2013

    MIcromax A27 uses Launchers3

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  3. Sandroid

    Aug 06. 2013

    try Yandex.Shell very features rich, 3d launcher with dailer.
    Its totally free…

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